Successful Events

Launch of Thana Square

The event was organized for celebrating the launch of Thana Square in Kannur. The day also witnessed the auspicious ceremony of key handing over to its first occupant. Before the closing ceremony, they managed Award night to recognize honourable ministers, writers, artists and various other dignitaries. The event was a big day to the Kannur folks. Globerz managed a number of celebrities including Dhanush, Naran, ministers including Abdulla kutti, Kadannapalli Ramachandran, Sreemathi teacher and many other known figures.

New Year Bash (Live Event)

The event was conducted as New Year Celebration and was a live telecast in Kairali TV. The show included a number of entertainment programs as well as competitions to bring up the life in the audience. Winners of the competitions were announced and prizes were distributed.

Face of Karnataka 2014

A beauty pageant show for the mothers in the state of karnataka in 2014. This project made Globerz shi` from the usual monotonous events.

Junket Fest 2020

Junket Fest 2020 was a unique event organised by Globerz excusively for the college & university students. The event had a parDcipaDon of more than 20 teams from 40 colleges. A theme was required to be presented within a Dme span of 20 minutes comprising of 20 members. This event gained popularity during the Dme within the youth.

Mehndi Fest

A cultural event which speaks of the tradiDon of Malabar. A compeDDon was held comprising of 300 teams. The best mehndi with a unique cultural design was awarded the prize.

Award Function

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