Success Stories

Othoruma Pookkalam (Unity of Flowers)

 Guinness World Records

Globerz proved in 2011, the real mettle they are made of. This unique event changed the spectacle of the brand they are known for.

The event symbolizing ‘Peace and Harmony’ set a record for the largest fresh flower carpet arranging workshop set over an area of 21,264 sq.ft. With the participation of 1,892 people and 20 tons of fresh flowers, Globerz mesmerized the whole of the world by arranging the same within 46 minutes. Needless to say, it was a perfection defined in very short time..!!

This event gave a turning point in Globerz’ service history and paved way to a long lasting victory. The achievement was recorded into the Guinness book and Limca book of records, both recognizing the company and its team for the largest flower arrangement workshop and the largest pandal (canopy) without pillars.

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